Baptism with Tabitha Stevens in Lake Lucifer Episode #1

Lake Lucifer Official Photo Baptism

Tabitha Stevens is baptized in Lake Lucifer Episode #1.

There is this in Lake Lucifer and it’s not what it seems. Nothing is really what it seems in Lake Lucifer. There isn’t much dialogue in this series. It’s visual story telling and let’s be honest, you the viewer are not a child. You don’t need to be told what you are seeing!

Lake Lucifer Episode #1

Exposure & Lake Lucifer Announced by Tabitha Stevens and Gary Orona

Scary Science Fiction and Fine Art Nudes All in One Episode!

Tabitha Stevens and Gary Orona announce their new VOD channel which features the too hot for TV science fiction pilot LAKE LUCIFER as well as their new hot series EXPOSURE: Shooting Fine Art Nudes in Wild Locations. Also discussed are important topics such as nasty motels can give you Planter’s Warts, fear of serial killers is serious, was Cream the greatest band ever, why Tabitha would rather be blown up than have to choose her favorite music channel, and much more!


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The Severed Bloody Finger from Lake Lucifer Episode #1

severed finger lake lucifer tabitha stevens

Karma holds the bloody severed finger in Lake Lucifer Episode #1.

She’s holding the bloody severed finger from Lake Lucifer episode #1. What will she do with it next? Watch Lake Lucifer Episode #1 HERE.

Dr Bane Hunter Finds a Severed Hand in Lake Lucifer Episode 1

lake lucifer tabitha stevens the hand

Dr. Bane Hunter finds a severed hand with fresh blood in Lake Lucifer Episode #1

There may be a serial killer on the loose in the American desert. Dr. Bane Hunter has been tracking strange events near a remote, forgotten dry lake when he discovers an old ghost town and a severed hand hanging in a shed.

There is fresh blood.

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A Bloody Shower in Tabitha Stevens’ Lake Lucifer Episode 1

bloody shower lake lucifer tabitha stevens

Karma takes a bloody shower in Lake Lucifer with Tabitha Stevens

There’s this in episode #1 of Lake Lucifer. She’s either got an appetite for blood, his bitten her tongue or has a serious health issue. I’m guessing it’s selection #1!

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Severed Finger in a Cup in Lake Lucifer Episode 1

lake lucifer tabitha stevens finger

A severed finger in a cup from Lake Lucifer with Tabitha Stevens.

There is a severed finger in a cup in Lake Lucifer the pilot episode viewable here. Lake Lucifer could be horror, science fiction, thriller, crime drama, or fantasy but at this stage it’s tough to tell. Tabitha Stevens is riveting as the star of the series and incredibly sexy as well but it seems she has something of a taste for blood!

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Tabitha Stevens Plays the Mysterious “Karma” in New Series Lake Lucifer on VOD

Tabitha Stevens plays the most mysterious and twisted character you will ever see in a Streaming TV Series. The first episode premieres June 17 and you’ll find it at!

tabitha stevens in lake lucifer

Tabitha Stevens in Lake Lucifer at

Tabitha’s First Time Camping!

Tabitha Stevens and Gary Orona discuss Tabitha’s first camping trip which included problems with freezing winds, scary bugs, floor-less tents and a terrible time trying to use an open air camp toilet on the edge of a thousand foot cliff!

This is the only official Tabitha Stevens Podcast!

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Tabitha Stevens See-Thru Dress Causes Disturbance at 2013 AVN Awards!

Tabitha Stevens on the AVN Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Tabitha Stevens in a see-thru dress on the red carpet of the 2013 AVN Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada as photographed by Gary Orona.

“I did a very bad thing on the red carpet at the 2013 AVN Awards here in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel… the top of my dress was completely see thru,” exclaimed Tabitha immediately after the show! “Security threatened to throw me out!”

Tabitha Stevens, legendary hall of fame adult performer and favorite guest on the Howard Stern Show caused quite a stir when she revealed her see thru dress on the red carpet. An AVN Official immediately let her know that Hard Rock Hotel Security had threatened to toss her out on the streets if she didn’t cover her nipples! Apparently it’s okay for male Roc Stars to parade around the hotel virtually topless but not a Pornstar. In fact TV Producer Gary Orona noted that the previous night, “we were in Vinyl (Hard Rock Hotel Comedy Room) and watched as the MC encouraged audience members to show their assholes to the audience for sex toy prizes. And now they threaten Tabitha over her nipples?”

Word spread quickly on the red carpet and a few minutes later a woman ran up with tit pasties which Tabitha was grateful for and after having taped her tits up she continued hosting on the carpet without incident. Even the HBO Ole TV Crew was perplexed at the sudden puritanical attitude of Hard Rock Security. One TV Host was over heard saying,” this is the Porn Awards… are you kidding me?”

Tabitha Stevens and Gary Orona talk about the controversy on a new “Anything Goes with Tabitha Stevens” Podcast Episode: