The Mysterious Woman of Lake Lucifer is Karma

lake l;ucifer gary orona
Karma in Lake Lucifer by Gary Orona

They Call Her Karma and She’s Played by Tabitha Stevens

We call her Karma. She’s the mysterious woman of Lake Lucifer. She’s ravishing and savage. Serial killer, demon, enigma, who knows… she’s a sublimity.


Karma in the Alien Wind on Lake Lucifer

lake lucifer wind karma tabitha stevens
Karma in the Alien Wind on Lake Lucifer

The Beauty Reel from Lake Lucifer

The beauty reel which consists of semi-nude outtakes from Lake Lucifer episode #1 is now playing on VOD.


Clues Riddle the Paranormal Activity at Lake Lucifer

Lake Lucifer Official Abandoned Truck
Abandoned Uranium Truck at a location in Lake Lucifer

There are clues to the reality of the horror at Lake Lucifer sprinkled everywhere.

Uranium Truck Code Lake Lucifer
Mysterious code on a Uranium Truck in Lake Lucifer

This code written on an abandoned truck at one of the locations has a greater meaning. The question is what does it mean and will Dr. Bane Hunter find it and decipher it before whatever is alive in that mine shaft kills him?

Watch Lake Lucifer episode #1 HERE.

UFO Obsession at Lake Lucifer with Strange Woman

Lake Lucifer Official Photo UFO obsession
A Mysterious Woman watches for UFOs in Lake Lucifer by Gary Orona.

She’s always watching the sky. There is something about those UFOs. The question is, how is she connected and does she fear their arrival or does she hope for their arrival?

Watch Lake Lucifer HERE.

Sky Orbs, UFO’s and Falling Demons Populate Lake Lucifer?

Lake Lucifer Official Photo Sky Orbs
Lake Lucifer Official Photo Sky Orbs or UFO’s?

There are sky orbs in Lake Lucifer episode #1. Karma is obsessed with them. What are they? It has been proposed that these things falling from the sky are Demons or Aliens or Mythical Creatures. If that’s the case then Karma wouldn’t technically be a serial killer right? Oh dear…

Watch Lake Lucifer episode #1 HERE.

Insane Off Grid Wild Locations in Lake Lucifer from Gary Orona

didgeridoo lake lucifer tabitha stevens
The mysterious woman plays a didgeridoo while topless on top of a savage red rock cliff in Lake Lucifer

Gary Orona is well known for his wild locations. He takes his productions all over the world and specializes in deep exotic wilderness where there are literally no roads or trails. So as Producer/Director of Lake Lucifer the series, it is no surprise that we see landscapes that have probably never been filmed before.

In the final scene sequence of episode #1 the mysterious woman is topless wearing only blue jeans on top of a savage looking red rock outcrop high on a craggy, primal cliff top playing a Didgeridoo. There have been quite a few fans wondering where on Earth this location is? Guesses have ranged from Valley of Fire, Goblin Valley, Red Rocks Nevada and one fan even suggested its in Peru! All wrong says Gary Orona.

When pressed harder on this location we captured very few clues from the secretive and tight lipped Mr. Orona. “Let’s just say that she was a trooper to tolerate the extreme hike it took to get there” commented Orona. “It’s not in a National Park, or State Park as I really avoid those tourist traps. It’s way off grid, rarely visited due to its double diamond trekking difficulty and it’s near a giant cesspool created by a dam on the Colorado River,” he laughed.

So these are the only clues we get.

Watch Lake Lucifer Episode #1 now HERE.

The Severed Bloody Finger from Lake Lucifer Episode #1

severed finger lake lucifer tabitha stevens
Karma holds the bloody severed finger in Lake Lucifer Episode #1.

She’s holding the bloody severed finger from Lake Lucifer episode #1. What will she do with it next? Watch Lake Lucifer Episode #1 HERE.

Dr Bane Hunter Finds a Severed Hand in Lake Lucifer Episode 1

lake lucifer tabitha stevens the hand
Dr. Bane Hunter finds a severed hand with fresh blood in Lake Lucifer Episode #1

There may be a serial killer on the loose in the American desert. Dr. Bane Hunter has been tracking strange events near a remote, forgotten dry lake when he discovers an old ghost town and a severed hand hanging in a shed.

There is fresh blood.

Watch the first episode of Lake Lucifer now!

A Bloody Shower in Lake Lucifer Episode 1

bloody shower lake lucifer tabitha stevens
The mysterious woman takes a bloody shower in Lake Lucifer

There’s this in episode #1 of Lake Lucifer. She’s either got an appetite for blood, his bitten her tongue or has a serious health issue. I’m guessing it’s selection #1!

Watch Lake Lucifer Episode #1 now!

Severed Finger in a Cup in Lake Lucifer Episode 1

lake lucifer tabitha stevens finger
A severed finger in a cup from Lake Lucifer.

There is a severed finger in a cup in Lake Lucifer the pilot episode viewable here. Lake Lucifer could be horror, science fiction, thriller, crime drama, or fantasy but at this stage it’s tough to tell. Tabitha Stevens is riveting as the star of the series and incredibly sexy as well but it seems she has something of a taste for blood!

Watch Lake Lucifer the entire uncensored first episode now!